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By Seth Meyers, Ph.D.
Created Jun 15 2010 - 8:14am
Published on Psychology Today (http://www.psychologytoday.com)

About a year ago, a woman in her mid-30s came to see me about a problem that seemed innocuous enough: She was having trouble with her boyfriend and wasn't sure that her relationship was going to last much longer. As soon as we began our work together, I recognized the cavalcade of psychological and emotional guards she'd erected over the years in response to the sickening sexual abuse she'd endured as a child at the hands of a depraved uncle.

Naming names!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011
by Brad Rickerby

The first question, naturally, is what shall I call him? If this blog is about not being silent any longer, than it seems natural that I should just use his name. After all that he did to me it seems fair that I should give him credit. Too, I think there would be a certain stigma attached to his name that would only be just. It would be cathartic for me as well. I would no longer be afraid just at the thought of his name. There it is. In black and white. For all the world to see. Your biggest secret is out.

But I am not that brave yet. He still has power over me. He will, of course, deny everything. Which would make me question my newly found strength. Of course he did it, right? Words are failing me. My mind wanders, does not wish to deal with what I'm writing about. It is only natural. Defense mechanisms of 35 years are hard to over come.

There are also legal considerations. The is no way to prove what he did, not after 35 years. If I name him, he could easily sue me and win (not that I have that much he could take). When I first started having flashbacks ten years ago I found that the statute of limitations had run out on his crimes. The State, the legal system, protects him now as my silence did before. If he sues, the State will not only protect him but reward him. It is an insane system.

As to the naming question, I could just call him Dick, or Shorty (sadly not true). But I think instead I will adopt the convention of just using his first initial. That way, should he ever come across this blog, he will know that I am taking about him and he can worry that some day I will write out his name. For now then, he is simply W***.

I hope some day to have the courage to spell out his name.
From the blog "I am a Survivor"

I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, rape, beatings and torture. From the age of six to 15 I survived a nightmares. I intend here to recapture what was taken from me and try to help other survivors along the way.


Don Frame
Manchester Evening News, UK
June 25, 2011

A former scout leader from Salford who sexually abused two young boys was told he was guilty of a ‘terrible breach of trust’.

Bill Manners, 76, groomed the youngsters for his own evil ends and left his victims unable to speak about their ordeal for decades.

The frail pensioner plead guilty to ten charges of indecent assault, and another of indecency with a child.



Posted By Grant Gallicho
Commonweal Blogs
July 30, 2011

Full article with links to referenced works HERE

Last week, in an impassioned speech delivered form the floor of the Irish parliament, Prime Minister Enda Kenny offered some hard sayings [1] about the Vatican's handling of clergy sexual abuse in Ireland. Kenny said that the recent report [2] on the scandal in Cloyne "excavates the dysfunction, disconnection, elitism, the narcissism that dominate the culture of the Vatican to this day." So much for Joyce's "Ireland my first and only love / Where Christ and Caesar are hand and glove!"

The Cloyne report examines the diocese's handling of abuse allegations between January 1, 1996, the year Irish bishops established procedures for dealing with abuse claims, and February 1, 2009 — well after the institutional church came to realize the gravity of such crimes. According to the report, two-thirds of allegations during that period were not forwarded to the police, as required by the Irish bishops' own '96 guidelines.


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