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John F. Salveson is Co-Founder and Principal of Salveson Stetson Group, Inc. (SSG) a firm dedicated to helping organizations attract and retain talent; he holds both Master of Arts and Bachelors degrees from the University of Notre Dame.

Mr. Salveson is a survivor of clergy sex abuse. His article “I Was Abused…” was published by Notre Dame Magazine in 2003. (Link to article HERE)

He has been very active in advocating for clergy sex abuse victims for many years. In 2007 Mr. Salveson founded the “Foundation To Abolish Child Sex Abuse” (FACSA) for the purpose of advocating for “Truth...Justice...and Accountability” by the elimination of arbitrary statutes of limitations in childhood sexual abuse cases.

The activities and advocacy of FACSA can be tracked via their website: http://www.abolishsexabuse.org/


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